Salta Group

For individuals and society

The job market changes constantly. This calls for well-prepared starters and flexible working people willing to adapt their career. People who make the most of their talents with each step in their career, be it upwards or sideways, who fulfil their ambitions and do what makes them happy. An important task we want to contribute to. This is what inspired the name Salta Group. Salta comes from the Latin word ‘Saltare’, which means jump and dance. With the education and training programmes of our organisations, people can leap forward in their development and dance through their careers.

Lifelong development

We make lifelong development possible for everyone. No matter their age, stage of life, occupation or personal situation. We do this through education solutions which are flexible and accredited, aimed at personal development and the requirements from the field.

This is why we help pupils and students recognise and develop their talents. We inspire and facilitate working people to make the most of those talents. And we support organisations who want to deploy their human capital successfully. By doing so, we contribute to the wellbeing of individuals and the prosperity of societies. In the Netherlands and abroad.

In development since 1996

In 1996, Robert van Zanten founded the basis for the Salta Group. For working people at the time, it was nearly impossible to take a practice-oriented, accredited training course alongside their work. With NCOI Opleidingen, he developed a method that made this possible. In doing so, he changed the world of education and NCOI soon became the largest training institute for the working people of the Netherlands.

In the last 25 years, the organisation has grown significantly. We wanted to offer more possibilities to more people from different industries. So, we took over various specialised education and training institutes.

Today, we don’t just focus on working people – in the Netherlands and abroad – but we also customise excellent educational programmes for pupils and students.

Goal-oriented education

We focus on the learner. Not on the material, the teacher, or the training module, but on goals, dreams, ambitions, opportunities and desires. We make development possible, which matches the individual need. This creates perspective, with personal mentoring and room for a personal interpretation. Because learning is different for everyone. With customised education, the possibilities are endless. Learning becomes truly effective and goal-oriented, regardless of age, stage of life, occupation or personal situation. It gives everyone the room to develop, take steps and become better. Only then does knowing turn into understanding, learning into mastering and thinking into doing. Because nothing is as encouraging than reaching your goal, whatever that goal may be.

For people and organisations

Because we’ve been around for such a long time, we know the job market intimately. This makes us a high-quality partner for governments, professional organisations, employer’s organisations and trade unions. Based on this expertise, we help companies and institutions to develop a fruitful learning culture. We facilitate this with practical means such as learning & development programmes and state-of-the-art learning platforms. This makes learning efficient and effective for their employees as well.