Full-time Secondary Education

Lifelong development starts at a young age. This is why we offer young pupils access to the best possible education as well. With its 16 locations, Luzac is the largest private school in the Netherlands. And the Blankestijn institute has a great reputation in the field of small-scale public education. They both work with small classes, where passionate teachers give pupils plenty of attention and where there is room for customisation. By offering the very best education, they simply want to become an example for other schools. They keep their pupil’s results in mind, of course, but there is more. The pupils work on their self-confidence, become aware of themselves and of their place in the environment. With a diploma under their belts, they are ready to take the next step in their lifelong development. Luzac also provides additional education to pupils of other schools, such as tutoring, Cito training and exam training. As a result, even more pupils benefit from excellent education.